Museums in London

In London, as in the other big cities, there’s a lot of monuments and museums. So, a lot of museums are free here, but that’s not the same for monuments like Tower of London or Westminster Abbey.

We can say that Culture needn’t cost the earth, but it’s not this reality in the whole earth. But in London the most important museums like National gallery or Victoria and Albert Museum are entirely free.

The National Gallery

It’s maybe one of the greatest collections of paintings in the world. You can find paints from every times. It’s easy to find the museum because he’s at Trafalgar Square. So you can make a tower of the museum in a little hour to see the most importants paintings. In it, you can find the Sunflower of Van Goh, which is considered as the Joconde in France

The British Museum

It’s the Museum of the human culture. There’s a lot of collections and that’s done more of sevens millions of objects. It’s a part of the most important collections of the world.

The V&A Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum is a giant museum of art and science and his location is in the district of  South Kesington. We can see objetcs of all locations and from Antiquity to our days.

So the only thing i can say, is that’s very interessant to see these museums. That’s not the only free museums. You can see the National History Museum too.

Enjoy your trip in London


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